To say stress levels are high would be an understatement. The ongoing pandemic has left us all feeling anxious, stressed, and looking towards uncertainty in our future. While pandemics have swept the globe throughout history, it’s totally understandable why all of us feeling the same negative emotions during this time of adaptation and trying to navigate the best decisions for our health and our loved ones. Physical intimacy, whether experienced with a partner or alone, has always been a significant part of our lives which may be impacted by the stress and uncertainty of COVID-19. This may have left you feeling either craving physical touch and connection or completely asexual. Let’s dive into the importance of stress management and physical intimacy during this pandemic.

Managing Stress and Physical Intimacy with CBD

The way that sex drives respond to high-stress situations will always vary from individual to individual. When you’re stressed, your body will experience a higher rate of cortisol. Significant amounts of this stress hormone can suppress our sex drives while wreaking havoc among physical, emotional, and mental states. Physical intimacy can be a great way to relieve stress and promote better mental health in healthy settings. Whether you’re quarantining alone or with a partner, finding your way back to your normal physical intimacy can help you achieve some normalcy. CBD may alleviate anxiety and stress, helping you get into the mood easier. This may help you connect to your partner or yourself more.

Tru Organics CBD for Stress Relief and Physical Intimacy

Tru Organics is honored to provide high-quality CBD that’s always independent, third-party lab tested. Our natural CBD products may help you improve self-care while finding viable coping methods for the immense stress that we’re all experiencing. For more information regarding CBD for stress relief and physical intimacy, please contact us!

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